4. Oktober 2015


All Right Now (Free)
Bad Company (Bad Company)
Be My Friend (Free)
Burnin‘ Sky (Bad Company)
Can’t get Enough (Bad Company)
Deal With The Preacher(Bad Company)
Don’t Let Me Down (Bad Company)
Feel Like Makin‘ Love (Bad Company)
Fire and Water (Free)
Gone, Gone, Gone (Bad Company)
Good Lovin‘ Gone Bad (Bad Company)

Heartbreaker (Free)
Honey Child (Bad Company)
I’ll Be Creepin (Free)
Live for the Music (Bad Company)
Love Somebody (Bad Company)
Movin‘ On (Bad Company)
Mr. Big (Free)
Muddy Water Blues (Paul Rodgers)
Ready für Love (Bad Company)
Rhythm Machine (Bad Company)

Rock ’n‘ Roll Fantasy (Bad Company)
Rock Steady (Bad Company)
Run with the Pack (Bad Company)
Seagull (Bad Company)
Shooting Star (Bad Company)
The Hunter (Free)
The Stealer (Free)
Traveling Man (Free)
Wishing Well (Free)
Walk in My Shadow (Free)